Watch Weird Al “Perform This Way”

As a Weird Al fan since birth and a semi-reluctant Gaga fan since “Bad Romance,” I was shocked and dismayed at the “Gaga Saga” the former endured at the hand of the latter and/or her management. You can read all about it at Weird Al’s blog, because I’m here to focus on the positive…but I will say that the Saga had a happy ending, as evidenced by the video for his new single “Perform This Way.” Behold!

It’s hard to believe that Weird Al’s career started in 1976. Seriously, with 2006’s  “White and Nerdy” and now this, he just seems to get more and more awesome.

Pick up his new album “Alpocalypse” on CD or vinyl at Insound or on iTunes. PS: All proceeds from the “Perform This Way” single and video will be donated to the Human Rights Campaign!