Get Striped & Cropped, Courtesy United Bamboo

United Bamboo Cropped Striped SweaterWe’re certainly in the midst of a sea change in fashion. The first phase, which took a few years to actually catch on, was the skinnying of our jeans. Now we’re pushing our jean waists back up, adding some color, and loosening up our tops. It’s no wonder I come up empty-handed after rifling through my wardrobe in search for a good top to go with my high-waisted (but really just normal-waisted, not low-cut) A.P.C. jeans. Somehow, skin-tight t-shirts just aren’t cutting it for me anymore, and the search is on for the perfect loose-fitting top.

Let’s call this installment #1: the United Bamboo Cropped Striped Sweater. Sure, it’s summer, and I shouldn’t be buying anything with “sweater” in the title, but it’s on sale and it doesn’t look to be very warm anyway. I’m loving the stripes (very FWD, and very on-trend) and am especially digging the low v-cut back. The loose cut and cropped hem make it the perfect addition to a nice, high-waisted, black skinny jean.

Check out the United Bamboo top on sale for $177.10 at La Garconne.