Chill Pill: A Summer Necessity

The proverbial “chill pill” seems to auto-administer itself to the general population almost as soon as the snow starts to melt, but this Chill Pill, for me, is just about as synonymous with warm weather as the conceptual one. Spending time outdoors is what summer’s all about and what rooftop, park, beach or backyard isn’t made better with a little background music? The Chill Pill is a little rechargeable speaker that is portable, cute and functional. It comes in a little velvet drawstring bag, making it super easy to slip in your bag and the necessary cords for charging and connecting are retractable – no tangled/missing wires! Besides my headphones, the Chill Pill is definitely the audio accessory I use the most. Because really, the only thing better than drinking wine in the park is drinking wine in the park while listening to K-pop.

Pick up a Chill Pill of your very own for under $50 at Insound.