The Classiest Beer Can Ever: Sixpoint Craft Ale Nano-Kegs

We are long time fans of the delicious beer created by Sixpoint Craft Ale Brewery in Red Hook, Brooklyn, having first stumbled upon these yummy brews at Sweet Ups on Graham Avenue. When it came time for Dan and me to choose a beer to serve on draft at our wedding, Sixpoint’s Righteous Rye Ale was our clear first choice. Our excellent taste in beer was confirmed by a few of our beer-obsessed home brewing friends and relatives who wanted to know if they could get some of this awesome stuff to drink at home. Last summer, the answer was, sadly, no because up until recently Sixpoint was only available on draft at a handful of our favorite bars and restaurants and at a couple places to take home in growlers.

Now Sixpoint is ready to drink wherever, whenever because it comes in these beautiful nano-kegs AKA beer cans! On May 23rd Sixpoint released four brew styles in 16oz cans, which can be found primarily in beer specialty shops and in fancy grocery stores. Sixpoint makes a pretty good case (see below) for hopping on the craft-beer-in-a-can train and after drinking a whole bunch of it over Memorial Day weekend with PA Kat and our fellas, I am convinced!

sixpoint nano kegs

Sixpoint Nano-Kegs (credit: Serious Eats)

Just a few reasons why Sixpoint chose cans over bottles:

  • Cans are impenetrable to light. Light harms beer, especially sensitive little hop oils.
  • Beer is canned under pressure which allows for completely eliminating air, unlike bottles (which have lots of air) which causes beer to oxidize and eventually become stale.
  • Cans have a higher likelihood of being recycled and the “recovery rate” of canned material is nearly 100%.
  • Cans weigh less and can be more tightly packed during shipping and recycling, saving fuel and energy.

Follow Sixpoint on Twitter to learn more and check out this handy dandy list from Brooklyn365 of Brooklyn bodegas and stores carrying the Sixpoint cans.

I really really really love summer and Sixpoint in a can is the absolute perfect treat for summer outdoor fun drinking in the park or at the beach! You can bring it in your special beach tote and cooler! (Tip: drinking in the park is A-OK for the most part as long as you transfer the beer into a plastic cup or other non-descript vessel. This has been confirmed by at least two NYPD officers, so it must be true.)