Amazing or Wack? Golden Dipped, Black Feather Necklace

I was browsing the fine wares on Supermarket, when I came across this gold and black leather necklace. Several of my known triggers were there – black, gold, leather, feather, necklace. I love all of those things. But all together is it just TOO much of several good things?

I’m torn between thinking that it’s amazing with its shape, reminiscent of an ancient Roman laurel wreath, the forest spirit-esque nature imagery and a hint of sassy bad girl via the color selection and the leather. But the potential for wackness is looming in the massiveness and possible over-the-top-ness of it all. I like taking risks with jewelry, so I feel like I lean towards AMAZING. What do you think?

If you think it’s amazing, you can pick one up from Love at First Blush’s Supermarket page for $65. More understated versions are also available.