Uncooked Cards: The First For Real Funny Greeting Cards?

I found Uncooked Greeting Cards a while ago and have given them to a few friends, to their confusion and dismay.  Most people don’t get a card commemorating the birth of their first child that reads “You’re so lucky you have such a cute baby.  If you’re ever strapped for cash, you could probably sell it for lots of money”.  When I asked them about it later on, excited to hear their reaction to what I was sure was a funny and unique card for them out of the many they undoubtedly received, the reception was lukewarm at best.  “Oh…yeah.  Yeah, ha, that was cute”.  Whatever.  That sh*t was funny, fact.

What I am trying to say here is that these cards are awesome and hilarious, and you should buy some post haste and then send them to people as a sort of litmus test…if they get them, they are cool, if not, they are “norms”, and you should proceed with caution in the future (they do not appreciate “wackiness”).

Uncooked cards can be bought at their website, and now you can even send them for free via the interwebs!  Funny + technology = the best.