Computer Love: Our Fave Links for the Week…


  • The Johnny Weir Collection is now available. OMJW is right:
  • NYC-based designer Assad Mounser makes super chic and colorful jewelry:
  • Is a REAL snakeskin manicure really cool, or really creepy? You tell us:
  • SHOP, the NYC pop-up featuring awesome designers, DJ’s, and delicious snacks, is coming next week!
  • Brooklyn-based designer Mina Stone has put a spell on us with  her gorgeous silk dresses and jumpsuits:
Mina Stone Saronic Tunic

Mina Stone Saronic Tunic


  • The new CW show The Secret Circle will bring one of PA Kat’s favorite YA series to life:
  • NEW BEYONCE ft. Andre 3000? HFS Amazing:
  • James Franco: actor, artist, scholar, and now recording artist:
  • Listen to the new Bon Iver here:
  • Rufus Wainwright is soon to perform a FREE show at the Winter Garden, featuring excerpts from his opera. Yay!
  • Beyonce & Andre 3000

    Her Royal Awesomeness Beyonce & His Excellency Andre 3000


  • Serious Eats All-Star Sandwich Festival on Governor’s Island = A Sandwich Lover’s Dream:
  • Camille Becerra & Lee Anne Wong’s pop-up restaurant China Latina was super excellent and super delicious!
  • The Lot, a temporary spot under the extended area of the High Line, includes an outdoor Tom Colicchio-helmed bar and FOOD TRUCKS!
The Lot

The Lot at 30th Street. Photo credit: Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times