Maru: The Only Cat I’ll Ever Love

Cats. I have no use for them. While there are a select few cats that have managed to charm me into submission (PA Melissa’s Zoe, for instance), as a whole, I want them far away from me. The fact that I’m uber-allergic to them – throat swelling shut allergic – has made me keep them at a safe distance and perhaps build up some resentment to the fact that a cute animal exists that I can’t safely pet. The ultimate in unfair. My disdain has grown throughout the years and I can guarantee that my IP address never accounted for views of any kind of cute kitten video on YouTube. Ever. But then came “Many Too Small Boxes and Maru.”

I don’t know how, where, when or why I decided to watch this particular cat video, but magic happened that day. I watched the video of this big, fluffy, adorable cat trying to fit into smaller and smaller boxes about five times in a row, hypnotized by his wagging tail. From then on, I sought out Maru in all of his internet homes, including his blog and Twitter account – both of which are can’t-miss due to the fantastic photos and commentary from his Japan-based owner. Each new post is a little burst of happiness in my day.

I highly recommend you add Maru’s blog to your Google Reader and follow his adventures on Twitter. You won’t regret it!