Gussy Up Your Soda with Fruit Shrubs

Last month, PA Jessie gave us 3 Ways to Put the Party in the Water including adding fruitful syrups. This past weekend the Wine Library‘s amazingly enjoyable gourmet food section gave me a new way to gussy up my SodaStream sparkling water: fruit shrubs! The shrubs stocked at the Wine Library are made by Tait Farm Foods and come in apple, cherry, cranberry, ginger, lemon, lime, raspberry, and strawberry. What is a shrub you ask? Tait Farm explains:

The word Shrub comes from the Arabic word sharab, which literally means to drink. In the dictionary, Shrub is defined as an acid fruit drink.


Tait’s shrubs follow Colonial-era recipes and are concentrated so they can be mixed with sparkling water, sparkling wine, or booze. The cherry flavor I bought is a fantastic mix of sweet fruit and tartness. I’m looking forward to many refreshing glasses during the hot, humid summer months ahead.

Buy them from Tait Farms Food or the Wine Library’s Gourmet Library.