The One Curling Iron To Rule Them All

As a person with stick-straight hair, I have always longed for hair that has a bit of curl or wave or even a bit of body to it. I want Gisele Hair. Seeing as I am extremely lazy with my hair (I air dry it every single time I wash it, even when it’s 20 degrees out), I haven’t really put that much effort into getting curls. But about once a year I buy and try out a new tool/product/technique, all to no avail. I had pretty much given up on the whole thing when last week I was drawn in to the beauty section at the Duane Reade by my work (it’s one of those new, fancy DRs we all are suckers for) and I saw a cone-shaped curling iron with one of those “As Seen on TV” stickers, so OF COURSE I bought it, sure I was throwing away another $40 on a product that would sit idle under the sink with the rest of the curl cast-offs.

The One Curling Iron

Low and behold, at exactly the time the rapture was scheduled to begin two Saturdays ago, I achieved my first wavy curl look with the Conair CD117 Infiniti Your Curl Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron! It doesn’t have a clamp, so you don’t end up with crimped hair, and you wear a little glove thing to protect your fingers from getting burned. Take small sections and wind around the curling iron as usual, alternating the direction of the curl for a more natural look. I think the key strength of this curling iron is that you don’t have to curl the very tips of your hair so that the curls look a lot more natural at the ends (especially compared to the curls a regular curling iron or hot rollers gives you). With some hair spray and this magical cone, I was in business.  It was a Rapture Hair Miracle!

The Results

These are my very first waves that lasted more than 5 minutes! On the first try! Not quite Gisele hair, but I actually think that with some practice it might be possible. My darling sister-in-law said it looked like the hair of the girls on Gossip Girl, and I think that’s just about the best hair complement EVER (thanks, Sarah!). I was so flattered. Even if you look at the picture and think those curls are “meh,”  keep in mind that for me this is a maaaaajor curl accomplishment.

I know the grass is always greener, and so I’m sure for every time I’ve wished for curls, someone with curls has wished for straight hair. But I am soooooo super duper excited that I now have the option for tousled wavy curls that I can do myself.

Pick up a Conair CD117 Infiniti Your Curl Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron at Amazon (it’s about 20 bucks cheaper there than it is at DR). Try it out and see if it works for you too (and send pics!). For a more traditional curling iron, try this one from the Hot Tools Professional line, which has amazing reviews on Amazon.