Shed Some Skin with Super Slough Scrub

With temperatures nearing 90 in NYC, we have no choice but to start showing some skin! When it’s been cooped up for so long in jeans and sweaters though, your epidermis might be feeling a little shy. One surefire way to make your skin feel a little more ready for its closeup is a good exfoliating scrub. In the winter, a more moisturizing body exfoliant might seem like the way to go, but in summer, I am partial to one that washes off clean and leaves my skin feeling smooth and non-greasy.

One that I’ve found does the trick quite nicely is Bliss Super Slough Scrub. It has a fresh laundry detergent-esque scent, foams slightly when applied and leaves skin feeling renewed and clean as a whistle. It’s also an ideal way to prep for sunless tanning lotion and avoid those dreaded orange spots that tend to form on areas with rougher skin, like the knees. The price ($34 for a bottle) might seems nuts for a body scrub, but it’s a large bottle (16 oz) and it lasts forever making it worth the initial investment.

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