Treat Secret

Although we have not officially voted I feel like it is safe to say that I am about to reveal one of PA’s favorite treats. After you read this post, if you have not yet tried these small morsels of sheer joy, I encourage you to drop what you are doing, and run to purchase them.

Okay, that was a lot of build up but I swear I mean it. Trader’s Joes Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds with sea salt and turbinado sugar are so good, sometimes my eyes close involuntarily when I eat them. The chocolate is rich and the salty/sweet combo from the coarse salt and sugar is just magic.

As desserts go they are also quite healthy and low in calories. Just a handful really feels like a big treat. Chocolate and nuts may not be new but I promise you, Trader Joe’s nails this combo and it must be tried!


Image: rusteford, Flickr