Here Goes Nothing: I’m Rereading Twilight

Believe it.  Recently my boyfriend *acquired* some books for our Nook via internet channels, and when I opened the file and gazed upon the hundreds of lovely books ready and waiting to be transferred over to my e-reader, my first thought (oh god I’m so ashamed) was “I wonder if Twilight is in here?”.  Well, it was.  And so began the epic battle to NOT reread them, as I finished non-Twilight book after non-Twilight book, scrolling past that Stephenie Meyer section in my Nook each time, resisting temptation.  Every time I quickly skipped past the “Meyer” books, it was like they were calling out to me: “Melissa, read us!  You know you want to think about sparkles and floor length khaki skirts and hot young bros, not real things!” And I would think NO!  But, as you now know, I have lost the battle.  As you can probably tell, I’m not all that broken up about it.

Check back here in the weeks to come as I blog about re-reading Twilight.  Spoilers will abound, so beware.  Also, if you are one of the only people in the world who has NOT read Twilight already: congratulations!

Get ready!  See you back here in a few days for my first installment of It Happened to Me : Re-reading Twilight.