Nail Art Inspiration: Make My Day

I don’t know about you, but I know that PA Nina and I have engaged in many a last minute, frenzied gchatting:

Nina: Ah!  I’m going to get my nails done and I don’t know what to get!

Melissa: Umm, what did you want, sparkles, pattern, art, studs?

Nina: I don’t know!

Well!  I just found the site Make My Day, which Google Translator tells me is a “Beauty Store” in Argentina.  The inspiration, ah it’s limitless!  While it focuses mostly on painted nail designs and less on typical gel nail art (sparkles, ombre, etc) the designs are so pretty and cool that I want to take a different picture to the salon every time I go so I can try them all.  From Mondrian inspired to animal prints to pastel aztecs, this salon does it all.

You can also check out their flickr which has a few other pictures of nails that aren’t on their blog.