I Can’t Live Without…Benefit BAD Gal Waterproof Eyeliner

As I have probably mentioned here more times than is necessary, I recently chopped my long locks off in favor of a very short, low maintenance do.  I am super excited about my new look but have  quickly found that I have to tweak certain things (clothes, makeup, products) to fit my new style.  One new addition to my morning makeup that I have been having fun with is a cat-eye liner.

Sadly, I had pretty much almost never worn eyeliner before now…I just really never knew how, and before now had never been inspired to experiment.  That meant going to Sephora and having the humbling experience of asking not only about how to buy, apply and wear eyeliner, but also how to remove it, etc.  Since that moment I have been through a number of eyeliners (some too soft, some too harsh, some that did not stay put and somehow migrated to places on my face that my eyes were not even near, etc.).   I am excited to say that I have finally found my perfect eyeliner, which I will now share with you…

Tada!  Benefit’s Bad Gal Eyeliner is a godsend…it is soft enough that when you apply it, you can smudge it for a smokier look or leave it as is for a more defined line.  When it does dry, though, it’s not going anywhere, which is essential unless you want to look like you got punched in both eyes by lunchtime.

You can snatch up this essential eyeliner at Sephora or at Amazon.com.