Scoutmob: More Coupon-y than Groupon-y

Have you ever bought one of those groupon/living social/buy with me things and then totally forgot about it and have the coupon expire? Well, we here at Power Animals have, and it SUCKS. Sometimes time just flies by and you miss it!

Luckily Scoutmob is here to save the day. It does two things that are super cool and set it apart from the others. First, you don’t have to buy anything in advance. It works like a regular old fashioned paper coupon, except it’s on your phone. Just present the coupon and use the discount, ta da! Second, it uses your phone’s location to tell you what there are coupons for nearby. As I’m sitting here writing this in little ol’ Williamsburg, right nearby there is 50% off at Teddy’s bar and grill (max $20 off), 50% off at Brooklyn Label (max $20 off), and 50% off at Milk and Roses wine bar (max $15 off).

Spots are vetted by Scoutmob scouts and a description of the restaurant or shop provides helpful tips. It’s the kind of thing that would come in super handy when you’re in an unknown neighborhood and are hungry. The very best part is that it requires no commitment whatsoever. Also a lot of the coupons last for months! If you use a coupon and return to a spot again, there are usually other discounts that they give you (I think you can only use the main coupon once).

The phone app works a little differently than the daily email, but both are awesome. Check out the Scoutmob website, get the phone app, or follow Scoutmob on Twitter.

p.s. please do not bring up the subject of NYC ghost walking tours, unless you want to hear a story of a super meanie walking tour jerk!