My Dream House (and Ashtrays)


T Magazine Cover - Alexandre Betak

Credit: Jason Schmidt for T Magazine

T Magazine grants readers access to some incredible creative homes. The most recent design issue of the magazine introduces us to Alexandre de Betak’s Mallorca home. I’ve always had a soft spot for the white-washed walls, weathered stone, and terra cotta tiles of the Mediterranean, but this house takes the cake. The Times may call it a “Man Cave,” but I would call this the perfect PA home.

R2-D2 Ashtray T Magazine

Credit: Jason Schmidt for T Magazine

I’m drawn to everything, from the open kitchen with its weathered-wood communal table to the mountains of cushions piled in the living room for easy, childish lounging. But what really takes the cake are the ashtrays, which I wish had not been custom made by local Spanish artisans. Terra cotta sculptures of R2-D2 and Darth topped with a simple dimpled cup on the head, these things would sell like hotcakes if someone was smart enough to put them on the market. Yes, I said it, HOTCAKES.

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