Pops of Color

I don’t know about you guys but I can spend literally hours in a drugstore, wandering through aisles, pondering my need for some new shampoo, checking out magazines, discovering As Seen on TV items. I am also, as has been stated, an extreme lover of beauty products.  This fact, combined with the fancy Duane Reades that have been popping up with their fancy high end and/or foreign makeup/skincare brands, means that I am spending way too much money on face wash and nail polish whenever I stop to get a pack of gum. One of the brands DR has started carrying is PopBeauty, a really fun British brand with great colors and packaging.  Of special note are their vibrant nail polishes.

How amazing are these colors?  In person they are even brighter and more arresting.  I want them all!

If you can’t find a Duane Reade, you can always order them off Amazon.