Carrie Strine, Modern Quilting Genius

Carrie Strine Blanket Throw

Credit: Carrie Strine

Maybe it’s because it’s not something that my grandmother or my mother ever made, but I’m just not a huge fan of quilts. The crazy color combos and predictable patterns just never did it for me, until I discovered Carrie Strine. This incredibly talented crafter has brought quilting to the modern age. Each quilt is hand-stitched to perfection with modern, unexpected fabrics.

Carrie Strine Dayglo Quilt

Credit: Carrie Strine

My favorite pieces are in shades of gray with shockingly bright color accents – royal blue, neon green, blood red, each tone popping in contrast with the muted grays. Even the quilts that look traditional have a subversive touch, whether it’s the choice of fabrics or a reverse side that’s color blocked instead of traditionally patterned. You can color me converted.

Check out the quilts for yourself on Carrie Strine’s website. They range from $150-$825.