Hanson – Still a Little Annoying, But No Longer Look Like a Bunch of Little Girls

Not to be known as the PA member who constantly posts about young boybands or anything, but it recently came to my attention that Hanson is still together.  You remember Hanson, the one-ish hit wonder from the nineties, the boys who all had long hair and soft features like girls?  Pretty girls, but girls nonetheless.  So anyway apprently they went from this:

to this:


Here is the cute and maybe slightly offensive Blues Brother inspired video that reminded me of their existence.

And, in case posting about Hanson is really making me seem very uncool, I will try to pepper this with some other less uncool music people (I think? I don’t know anymore.  PA Nicole needs to tutle me on the cool/uncool of music, I think) by mentioning the fact, if you did not know, that in 2009 a “supergroup” called Tinted Windows was formed, featuring Taylor Hanson (the prettiest Hanson) on vocals, along with Bun E.Carlos from Cheap Trick , Adam Schlesinger from Fountains of Wayne , and ex Smashing Pumpkins member James Iha.  What.  Yes.  I don’t know why.