Better Than Febreeze: Papier d’Armenie

Papier d'Armenie


As we well know by now, ladies don’t do anything stinky, but men do. Sometimes, lighting a match just doesn’t cut it, and you need a little something extra to clear the air. My French friend recently introduced me to Papier d’Armenie, an ingenious strip of paper that burns a light scent – not at all intense like incense – that somehow does more than just cover up bad odors. It’s made with benzoin resin, which was used for centuries in Armenia as a deodorizing disinfectant.

Papier d'Armenie La Rose

Credit: Beauty Habit

It took some French ingenuity to package benzoin resin in a simple strip of paper that you can burn without making a mess. Today, the papers come in two different versions – original and rose. Rose! My favorite scent. Perfect for putting next to the toilet on that cute ceramic stand.

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