An Ode to Martinique Wallpaper

I have found the Wallpaper of My Dreams and it is the Original Martinique Wallpaper created in 1942 for the Beverly Hills Hotel. Despite the fact that I live in a tiny apartment in New York City, at heart I am a DEEPLY tropical person. This wallpaper is my true. love.


Martinique Wallpaper in the Fountain Coffee Shop of The Beverly Hilton

There are many fancy pictures of fancy places using Martinque wallpaper, but I would be remiss if I did not share the next image, which I only found while searching for images of the wallpaper to share with y’all.

Of course Blanche Devereaux would decorate her bedroom with Martinique wallpaper!

Maybe Blanche’s bedroom is the very first place I ever laid my eyes upon the beauty of the banana leaf and I didn’t know it? I’ve been planning to use this wallpaper for years, but only today found out that it graced the pretend walls of my favorite pretend retiree!  It is my future as a fabulous retiree coming early.  Either way, it is a favorite of Nicky Hilton (who practically grew up at the BHH), Brian Atwood and Nate Berkus, and the famed Indochine restaurant in the West Village (to see pictures of all of those uses of Martinique, click here). It adds a touch of tropical glamour to everywhere, no?

Seeing as designer wallpaper is for some reason the most expensive thing ever, I can afford to wallpaper one tiny corner of my bedroom, which will be the most fabulous corner of my whole entire apartment. Maybe I’ll slowly expand my Martinique, wall by wall, until I am living in a banana leaf cocoon.

As far as I know, the only place you can purchase this stuff is through the Designer Wallcoverings website, where you can also buy wallpaper designed by members of Devo.  Who knew?!?!