Brook Farm General Store

If I were to ever open up shop, it would be just like the Brook Farm General Store. Since that’s not going to happen any time soon, I’ll just have to spend every other weekend here picking out something new to bring home – and saying hello to little Nutmeg, the shop’s wise sun-loving Beagle.

Brook Farm General Store Linen Day Blanket

Linen Day Blankets, Credit: Brook Farm General Store

I want practically everything on the shelves, the store is that perfectly curated. For my pup, a new leather and brass collar; for my room, a beautiful linen day blanket; for my desk, adorable white square erasers printed with the number 50 on them; for my kitchen, a simple glass butter dish; and for my books, a worn-in waxed canvas canoe pack. The list goes on and on, they even carry a gorgeous selection of antique jewelry that will have you swooning.


Brookfarm General Store Canoe Pack

Canoe Pack, Credit: Brookfarm General Store

Brook Farm General Store also has a nice blog where they write about new products they’re stocking, sources of inspiration, and generally things they love. It’s worth a visit, if only to see a picture of Nutmeg bouncing in the snow.


Check out the Brook Farm General Store online, or do yourself a favor and go in person to their shop at 75 South 6th St. The in-store selection is even lovelier than what you’ll find on the web.