The Kitchen Tool I Never Knew I Needed

What with all the cold and the rain and the general ickyness of the weather for the past, oh forevertimes, I was getting into serious comfort food mode – to wit: drowning myself in French onion soup. I used this recipe, more or less, and after discovering its relative ease I made it constantly. The only hard part, really, is cutting the onions. Although I don’t need these to protect my eyes, I am very lazy and the thought of thinly slicing 2 or 3 onions makes me want to stop before I start – that is, until I met my friend, the mandoline.

This dangerous beauty is a miracle of German engineering, and has opened a whole new world up to me – one of transparent rounds of radishes (divine on a baguette with salt and butter!), swiftly sliced onions, and whisper thin slices of apple.   Give it a try – just don’t cut yourself.

The Swissmar Borner mandoline is available on Amazon.