Head Kenzan, Rescuing Weary Scalps

Kikkerland Head Massager, OrgasmatronMy father went through a phase when he was consumed by an obsession for this head massager commonly known as the “orgasmatron.” Obscene name aside, its spidery arms are pushed up and down your head, giving your scalp a nice (for some) and slightly chilling (for others) sensation. He had first acquired one off a street vendor in Buenos Aires, and years later, through the magic of the interwebs, he found and purchased several to give to friends.

Head Kenzan

Ha! Pure Bliss

There’s no telling now how many of my father’s friends have one of these stashed away, but they may soon find themselves gifted with a new tingler. It’s called the Head Kenzan – a new scalp massager for the ages. I can’t wait to get this for my dad – maybe for father’s day? I will report the results on its effectiveness as soon as I receive it. Afterall, I wouldn’t want my dear readers to be spending $55 on something that doesn’t really work, now, would I?

You can see the scalp machine for yourself, and maybe even buy one, at Japan Trend Shop. You can also go for the simpler and cheaper (at $5.75 for 2) orgasmatron at Amazon.