Warm Weather is Blue Marble Ice Cream Weather

Like all the Power Animals, I’m super into food, especially ice cream. In fact, while many people consider themselves coffee snobs or wine snobs, I’m a self-proclaimed ice cream snob and only settle for the very best, creamiest, and most delicious in frozen treats. Now that the weather is warmer, my favorite ice cream spot – Blue Marble – has reopened with its full summer-time schedule. I’ve already been twice this spring to try some of my old favorite flavors – like butter pecan and ginger – and to sample new ones, like grape nut, which is very tasty…much more tasty than you would expect an ice cream filled with bits of breakfast cereal to be.

Blue Marble opened its first location on Atlantic Avenue in Boerum Hill in April of 2007. That location has since closed, but two others – one in Cobble Hill and one in Prospect Heights – are still serving up ice creamy deliciousness. In 2009, Time Out readers voted Blue Marble the Best New Ice Cream – a well-deserved award! Blue Marble is super creamy, just the right amount of sweet, and offers a awesome mix of flavors that include traditionals like coffee and mint chip, but also more adventurous varieties like root beer and creamsicle. The root beer is my absolute favorite. Imagine the creamiest, most flavorful root beer float condensed into a perfect round scoop. It’s divine and an essential part of any summer-time stroll through the neighborhood.

photo credit www.seriouseats.com

Check out Blue Marble at one of their Brooklyn store fronts or at a few mobile locations starting in May. Here’s the scoop on where to find it.