Best New Way to Kill Time at Work: Hawk Cam!

I don’t use a computer much at work, but if I did you better believe I’d have a tab with Hawk Cam open at all times! Hawk Cam, which is available through the New York Times’s website, shows live footage 24 hours a day of red-tailed hawk pair Violet and Bobby as they care for their nest full of eggs. Violet and Bobby have made their nest outside of NYU president John Sexton‘s office on the 12th floor of the university’s Bobst Library. Nine months ago, Sexton noticed twigs accumulating on the ledge outside his office window. Those twigs quickly turned into a nest. Later, he saw the hawks mating and by March 23 or 24 three eggs rested carefully in their nest. Since, the birds have diligently cared for the eggs – taking turns keeping them warm and scaring off other hawks. The eggs are expected to hatch any day now, so keep an eye on the nest here! I have my fingers crossed for three healthy hawk chicks.

Photo credit Christopher James/N.Y.U.