Now You Can Too – Eater Coffee Geek Out

There are times when I forget that not everyone shares my passion for all things coffee. Yes, it’s true, not everyone out there has spent countless hours on perusing burr grinder reviews. It’s high time we coffee geeks stopped assuming that everyone knows that cupping is not just an Eastern healing art, or that La Marzocco is not a reference to and Italian renaissance painting.

Blue Bottle Siphon

credit: Dennis Yang

For those friends out there who want to jump into the coffee snob wave, Eater has created the “Ultimate NYC Coffee Glossary.” I cannot thank them enough for this public service, everything they have on here is right on point. From the Chemex to the Clover, French Press to cold brew, they’ve put a picture to the name and a description to the system. Plus, their top-notch coffee shop roundup is a nice guide for a lazy NYC Sunday afternoon.

Educate yourself on the Eater website.