Daim, Tiny Chocolate Ruler of My Heart

Having moved into a new apartment fairly recently, I have been spending a lot of time at IKEA. Sure, the cheap, simple furniture is a draw, especially since I am lacking a lot of the basics, but if we’re going to be perfectly honest the real and actual reason I have been going so much is to keep stocked up on these:

Daim. Oh, sweet Daim! They are, in essence, just a chocolate covered toffee, similar to Heath bar (or Skorr, if you are a little fancier) but in my opinion they are 100 times better. This candy is sold in the UK as Dime (or, at least it was last time I was there, from what the internet tells me it might just be Daim there too, now) but they are originally a Swedish candy – hence, IKEA. The only downside to this candy is that you will embarrassingly be finding wrappers in small piles all over your house. This is only embarrassing when you have company, however, so it’s best to have a large supply on hand to distract your guests with. Available in little individually wrapped nuggets (my personal favorite), larger bars, or more decadently, in king sized chocolate bars with bits of toffee strewn about inside, I recommend you pick up at least 2 or 3 bags of these the next time you’re shopping for a $15 kitchen table.