Royal Wedding, Royal Breakfast at Jean Georges

Westminster Abbey, Credit: Harry Lawford

Westminster Abbey, Credit: Harry Lawford

PA Melissa and I are totally psyched for the royal wedding, and it’s just a couple of weeks away! We’re probably just going to DVR the show, and get together Friday night to watch and marvel at the greatest parade of our time. We’ll have some bubbly and speak in fake British accents, and then discuss the importance of Kate’s arrival in a Rolls Royce (such a plebe) and departure in a royal carriage. They’ve got quite a PR team up in Buckingham Palace.

For those of you with 1. deeper pockets, and 2. an even more sickly obsession with royalty than our own, I present the ultimate royal breakfast. You’ll have to drag yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn, and haul your ass up to Jean Georges Restaurant where they’re actually having a live breakfast viewing of the wedding, starting at 6:00am. You’ll sip mimosas to toast the royals while munching on eggs and caviar. Seems like heaven to me.  If only I had 149 beans to spare.

You can find more info on the Trump International’s website (you can actually stay at the hotel for the weekend and get a piece of celebratory Royal wedding china). To book a seat, call the Trump at (212) 299-1059, it’s $149 for just the breakfast.

PS. There will be no kissing in the Church of England. Stupid stodgy rules.