Melody Ehsani, I Want All of Your Jewelry



Yowza. Jewelry and footwear designer Melody Ehsani is both fierce and inspiring. From a traditional Persian family, she broke the mold when deciding to pursue her true love, design, rather than going to law school like many of her friends and family members. Ehsani says that in her culture, a woman’s worth is largely influenced by who she marries and she wanted to express herself and help other women do the same through her designs. “My style is inspired by paradox, controversy, justice and pushing the envelope in showing that you truly cant judge a book by its cover,” she explains.

But for real, I think that if anyone judged me by any of her jewelry, I’d be pretty psyched about it. I’m thinking it would go something like this – “Wow, this girl is wearing a giant gold armadillo-like suit of armor on one of her fingers. She is way cooler than me and/or could totes beat me up. She is my new idol.” I mean, right? Well, when I finally get my hands on this stuff (or get it ON my hands, as it were), please judge me…as a total badass and your new hero. I feel that this is the power of Melody Ehsani.

1. Armor-Dillo Ring, $45. 2. No Boys Chain (Keri Hilson collaboration), $27. 3. Swarovski Doorknocker, $140. 4. Chain 3-Finger Ring (my ultimate fave), $100.