The Perfection of the Blue Bottle Biscuit Sandwich

Every weekend I turn on my taste buds and head on over to Blue Bottle coffee shop, the delights of which I have previously extolled here. Usually I just grab coffee (New Orleans Iced or Gibraltar, depending on the weather), but sometimes I am tempted by their lovely array of baked goods, and usually that leads me straight to the biscuit sandwich.

blue bottle biscuit sandwich

The components of the sandwich change from day to day, but never fail to entice.  A recent example is a buckwheat buttermilk biscuit topped with honey smoked ham from Marlow & Daughters, house made roasted blood orange jam, and raw milk cheddar from Smith’s Farmstead in Massachusetts.  The biscuit itself is flavorful, moist, and slightly crumbly. The cheese, ham, and jam give the sandwich a well-balanced combination of salty and sweet that is rich, savory, and just the right size for a snack.

The only caveat: the sandwiches usually aren’t ready until after 10am, so don’t expect to see them if you’re a weekend early bird.  I guess Blue Bottle rewards those who sleep in?

Check out this biscuit sammie at Blue Bottle in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.