Amy’s Is Caramel Apple Heaven!

My boyfriend is from Wisconsin and each time we visit his family, there are a few necessary food purveyors that we make a beeline for. One of them is DEFINITELY Amy’s Candy Kitchen in Cedarburg for their totally transcendent caramel apples. Amy’s takes big, tart Granny Smith apples and rolls and/or dips them in a veritable cornucopia of delights: caramel, chocolate, sprinkles, many varieties of nuts, Oreos, Heath bars, and SO many more. The combinations are staggering. Though I’ve tried more than my share of flavor combinations, my absolute favorite is the simple caramel butter pecan variety, pictured above. The tart apple, sweet caramel and salty pecans make for an epic treat that is entirely decadent, but not too heavy.

The amazing/dangerous news is that Amy’s now delivers!! So, if you want to surprise a faraway friend with a delicious treat, or just treat your damn self (you deserve it!), scamper over to and get you some! This will not be a choice that you regret.