$30 Jeans: Who Cares They’re Not Perfect

The simple fact is that I wear jeans almost everyday. A couple years ago after losing weight I treated myself to designer jeans for the first time. After that Gap jeans lost their luster and I was stuck in the land of expensive denim.

To be honest, that is a vice I can live with, but  sometimes my practical voice shines through and asks, “Aren’t there any alternatives?” Well now I have one! I just got two pairs of straight fit $30 jeans from Uniqlo (one black and one dark wash) and I am on board. One amazing thing is that they don’t have to be hemmed, and that saves me another $15 right there.

The only really negative is that they are fairly stretchy so make sure they fit snugly in the store and be ready to wash them frequently to maintain shape. The black jeans fit much better for some reason while the same size in a dark wash are too large in the waist.

I have a feeling they are g0ing to last months, not years but for $30 bucks, I’m not complaining.