Erie Basin: Tumblr Heaven

Erie Basin Display Case

credit: Erie Basin

I always prefer something with an aged patina over something brand sparkling new, especially when it comes to jewelry. Hence my new obsession: the Erie Basin tumblr page. I have literally spent half a day scrolling through the gorgeous pictures that shop owner Russell Whitmore posts. Most of them are of the antique pieces he sells at the store, but inspiration photos abound.

Erie Basin Poison Ring

credit: Erie Basin

Russell has an eagle eye for truly unique jewelry and other oddities. My favorite on the tumblr page is a late 1800s poison ring. Can you imagine owning this thing? Oh, hey, do you need some Splenda in that coffee? Why, I’ve got some in this secret trap door here, on my ring. Greatest party trick ever. Too bad it got sold to a lucky client years ago.

Erie Basin Rings

credit: Erie Basin

The Erie Basin boutique is open from Wednesday-Saturday. They’re open by appointment only from Sunday-Tuesday. You can visit the shop on 388 Van Brunt Street in Red Hook, or just check out the Erie Basin website to see what’s new.