3 Ways to Put the Party in the Water

The first time I went to Europe I found myself complaining, ” Doesn’t anyone serve just regular water?!” As a bubbly-water hater I was adrift in sea of carbonation. Well fast-forward 5 years and I am a changed woman with my very own Soda Stream sparkling water maker.

Now, I can’t get enough of the stuff. My husband jokingly calls it “party water” and I agree but sometimes you still need extra flavor. That is where I have been experimenting with things to add to the sparking water.

Here are three of my favorites:

1. Syrups from The Stand: I picked up the blackberry meyer lemon variety of these Brooklyn made syrups at The Brooklyn Kitchen and added it to a pitcher of seltzer and prosecco for a simple but awesome brunch cocktail. Read more about these great syrups here which are amazing both with and without booze.

2. Fee Brothers Cocktail Bitters: I still don’t understand exactly what bitters are but I know that a few drops of the rhubarb makes for a unique and delicious drink. I am also keen to sample the peach and cherry!

3. Aqvia Pear Essence: This potent clear liquid adds the flavor of pear without any sugar or sweeteners. The problem is it is made in Sweden and I haven’t found an American retailer yet.

What do you put in your water?

Images via nonabrooklyn.com