Beco, My Little Brazil in Brooklyn


Brazilians have this funny thing about them – they just love it when they find other Brazilians outside of Brazil. It’s funny, because when I was abroad, I didn’t care to chat it up with someone who I heard speaking in English at a cafe, but if I heard a group speaking in Portuguese, I would just walk right up and ask them where they were from. We love our people, and we long for them when they’re not around.

When Beco opened up on a random block on Richardson St. in Williamsburg, I was giddy. A place within walking distance from my apartment, that served Brazilian food? Awesome. A place that feels like you’re stepping into a boteco in Brazil? Awesomer. A place that has Brazilian bartenders? Even more than awesome. A tiny place that has a projector to show soccer games on the weekends? Good God I’ve hit the freakin’ jackpot!

This little restaurant has quickly become a neighborhood haunt for Lorimer stop locals. You can get all the food you’d expect from a Brazilian restaurant – warm, freshly-baked pao de queijo (cheese bread); steak with sauteed onions; feijoada served with rice, bright green ribbons of collard greens, a mound of farofa, tomato-onion vinaigrette, and a couple of orange slices; bobo de camarao (shrimp in coconut sauce). It’s a nice mix of foods from different regions of Brazil, nothing fancy, but rich in flavor.

My one gripe is about their rice. My very patient boyfriend knows that no one should ever put minute rice on my plate and expect to get away with it. It’s especially disconcerting when it’s at a Brazilian joint. The thing is, sometimes they minute rice you, and other times they have delicious regular, Brazilian-style rice, so you just have to take a gamble when you go there. It’s worth the crap shoot, because that guava mimosa and the soccer on the screen will have you forgetting you hate the rice.

You can view their menus and events calendar online at Beco, and visit them at 45 Richardson St, right around the corner from Pete’s Candy Store.