Must Have Kitchen Gadget: Onion Goggles

I love cooking with onions AND eating them, but can’t be within 50 feet of an onion as it’s being sliced, diced, minced, or chopped. My eyes tear, burn, and sting leaving me feeling super uncomfortable and looking worse. Why do onions make me cry?! When onions are cut, they release an enzyme called sulfoxide lyase as well as sulfuric compounds. In the air, they react with one another and create a vapor called thiopropanal sulfoxide that evaporates and causes many people, like me, to cry. Many thanks for PA Nina for introducing me to Onion Goggles. Now, I chop onions in relative comfort and look pretty funny/awesome while doing it. In cramped New York kitchens, one has to be careful what random gadgets and tools take up limited space, but I think these are well worth it for anyone whose eyes are as sensitive as mine.

You can get your own pair from Amazon.