Quiz:15 Most Followed Chefs on Twitter

I recently came across this Daily Meal article counting down the 15 most followed chef on twitter (not surprisingly via twitter) and was excited to see the results. I actually don’t follow many celebrities and hadn’t considered looking up my favorite chefs.

I love quizzes so instead of just sharing the list, here are some little clues to see if you can guess the results. In the spirit of twitter, I have tried to make these as few characters as possible. For the answers you can view the original slideshow or click on the numbers below to go to the actual twitter feeds. And while you are at it, check out the Daily Mail site or twitter for other fun food articles.

15 Most Followed Chefs on Twitter

1. Previously pantsless, now wants kids to eat healthier

2. Invite this chef over to eat brains and get drunk

3. The sassy aunt you never had, not diet friendly

4. Food Network pretty boy

5. Avoid “Nightmare” temper

6. Sorry, it has to be said, popsicle head, Italian cooking

7. All-American griller, Southwestern flair

8. Greasy food, think hotrod with cheesy flames

9. Used to be on the radio, now into bizarre stuff

10. Onomatopoeias

11. A “master” of Mexican modern

12. Bald judge ( Don’t worry, we know you are so much more)

13. Lover of EVOO

14. Used to be hot, now can be found with the “Losers”

15. This meanie makes Italian inspired Cali cuisine

All images via Twitter