Yves Saint Laurent Rings to YSLove

Seeing as I’m a bit of a magpie, I have long coveted these amazing sculptured Yves Saint Laurent rings that are a staple on luxury shopping site Net-A-Porter. They have a natural and organic shape that is timeless.  When I look at these rings I am cheerily reminded of my grandmother’s glam personal style and the new mantra “Would Fabulous Retiree Wear?” Why, yes! Yes, she would.

Yves Saint Laurent Rings

1. YSL Arty Ring in Neutrals, $250.  2. YSL Arty Wooden Ring, $275.  3. YSL Arty Glass Ring, $250.  4. YSL Arty Crystal Ring, $295.

While not definitely not something you can pick up at your local five-and-dime (you have one of those, right?), they are lovely cocktail rings that could last a lifetime and be passed on to your cocktail jewelry-loving future grandchildren(!).