From Boys to Girls, Rachel Comey Shoes

Rachel Comey Bernard Forest

Rachel Comey Bernard Booties, Credit: Opening Ceremony

I first became aware of the existence of Rachel Comey when Steve came home toting a new pair of brown fabric oxfords by the brand. They were beautifully made, showing true craftmanship and striking just the right classic/modern balance. For a while I was just jealous, until I discovered that Rachel Comey decided to up her game and crank out women’s shoes (and, incidentally, women’s ready to wear) for the begging female masses.


Rachel Comey Garda Clogs

Rachel Comey Garda Clogs, Credit: Opening Ceremony

I’m officially obsessed with this brand, particularly the collection of shoes they’ve made with wooden heels and platforms. I learned recently that Comey herself loves clogs, so much so that she introduces a new pair to the line every season. Comey’s current take is a throwback to the classic 70s style, with brass harness detailing  and a beautiful caramel leather, with the requisite warm-toned wooden platform. The heel is just the right height, ensuring comfort for your toes.

You can find Rachel Comey shoes at Opening Ceremony and at Shoe Market in Williamsburg. At $300-$400 a pop, they’re not cheap, but the craftmanship’s worth the price tag.