Would Fabulous Retiree Wear? A New Mantra

PA Tammy and PA Melissa have their fashion mantra “Would French Do?” which I love in theory, but I just know that I’d never be able to pull it off. My attraction toward bright colors, sparkles, and anything with animal print is just far too strong for me to try and tame.

Since WFD was born, I’ve been contemplating my own fashion mantras. Now I’ve found the inspiration I’ve been looking for in this video that the lovely Glamourai posted earlier this week (by Advanced Style for Nowness). And here it is: “Would Fabulous Retiree* Wear?

Basically the mantra translates to wear whatever you want but “you don’t want to look crazy; the object is to look as chic as possible.” That’s it! Don’t hold back on the fun or out-there clothes but wear them with such confidence and flair that you are still chic and stylish. I know this mantra resonates with many other PAs including old-lady-loving PA Kat, and PA Kiki who is already planning which cruise she’ll go on when she’s a widow.

I love being reminded that it’s ok to dress like a glamorous, sparkly, bright print-loving lady who is advancing in age. I’m going to buy this book and study it so I can be a rare bird like the glorious Iris Apfel. This video filled me with so much joy! I’ve probably watched it ten times and still can’t get enough. “You’re gonna be an old woman some day so don’t worry about it!” So true.

* Though the video focuses on quite a few women who are very likely still working girls, I think adding ‘retiree’ to the mantra makes sure that caftans and warm weather wear are integral to the look. Warm weather is approaching and I am READY!