Insanely Tall 70s-Inspired Platform Face-off! Jessica Simpson Dany vs. Jeffrey Campbell Foxy

I know my interest in these shoes is a little silly. I live in a city in which it is very common to walk many, many miles in one day. But still it does not stop me from finding these shoes appealing. It is highly probable that these shoes were created NOT to actually walk around in, but for style bloggers to wear in self-portraits, as evidenced by this amazing collage of bloggers wearing the Jessica Simpson Dany.

Now, I’m not out to discover which of these shoes came first, but merely to explore the offerings and the variations on a similar theme. Clearly 70s-inpsired and ready for a party, these shoes just look fun. People who buy them LOVE them and give them 5 stars consistently in their many reviews. So, with all of the variations in color and material, which brand’s take on the style reigns supreme?

Jessica Simpson Dany vs. Jeffrey Campbell Foxy1. Jeffrey Campbell Foxy in Cheetah, $137.  2. Jessica Simpson Dany2 in Chalk Brown, $98.  3. Jeffrey Campbell Foxy Espdrille, $125.  4. Jessica Simpson Dany in Grey Snake, $98.  5. Jeffrey Campbell Foxy in Pewter, $116.  6. Jessica Simpson Dany in Plum Velvet, $98. Of course both brands offer the shoe in a very practical black and tan as well.

So which brand really nailed the style? I have to say it’s Jeffrey Campbell! First, I think they had the most fun with the shoe’s over-the-top style. Jessica Simpson’s version gives us variations on classic colors with a little fun sprinkled about. Meanwhile Jeffrey Campbell goes buckwild with cheetah, several variations on glitter, pink suede, patents, several canvas and espadrille styles, and even some crazy carpet bagger fabrics! Secondly, Jeffrey Campbell comes in whole and half sizes while Jessica Simpson only rocks the whole sizes. Finally, the heel to platform ratio JC gives us is slightly more sensible. Slightly being the operative word here. The platform adds height already, so don’t make the ladies suffer with a 3-plus inch heel! Jeffrey Campbell gives us fun and height without pain. Cute shoes with sensible heel heights ALWAYS win (just WAIT for my forthcoming heel height manifesto!).

Perhaps I’ll get a pair and wear them around in my apartment. Or to a very short party. Or maybe they would simply enjoy a prominent placement in my closet, nestled in with several other impractical but dearly beloved purchases. And maybe, just maybe, they’ll turn out to be comfy and then I’ll wear them every damn day!