Whiskey on the Rocks

Whiskey is one of the few liquors I have yet to learn to love. I’m always envious of my whiskey drinking friends – like PA Tammy – who can appreciate a fine whiskey as much as I do a fine wine. Lately, I’ve been drinking cocktails with bourbon and am hoping to work my way up to drinking a glass of whiskey without scrunching my face up with each sip. When I do become the whiskey drinker of my dreams, I’ll definitely use these cool Whiskey Stones to keep my drink cool, but not watered down. These soapstone cubes are milled in Vermont by the oldest soapstone workshop in US. Soapstone is perfect for drinks because it chills quickly and stays cool for a long time, but is relatively soft so it won’t scratch your fanciest tumblers.Whiskey StonesYou can buy whiskey stones for the whiskey lover in your life from Uncommon Goods or at A Cook’s Companion on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.