miss A Says: “Shut Up, Boy!”

Peeking out of my bathroom magazine stack is an old issue of Psychology Today, revealing only the very top headline: “Good Girls & Bad Girls: Why Men (Still) Label Women.” I haven’t actually read the article yet, but every time I blow dry my hair or floss or attempt to apply self-tanner without my knees getting all orange, I see the headline. Yes, I could straighten the stack, but why would I do that when every time I see it, I get the most amazing song stuck in my head. The song in question? “Bad Girl, Good Girl” by South Korean girl group miss A. It’s got more of an R&B swing than most K-Pop songs I’ve heard, not to mention that the only words/phrases in English are basically: “hello,” “bad girl,” “good girl,” and “you don’t know me, so shut up boy!” Dayum, girls! I like your style. Tying the whole funky vibration together is the video which takes place in a very Fame-esque high school – and good lord can these ladies dance. Seriously, the little move they do when they say “shut up, boy” has definitely been added to my repertoire. Get entranced:

I am very pleased to tell you that you can buy miss A’s EP Bad But Good on iTunes! Imma buy it right now myself!