Perfectly Delicate: Art Deco and Edwardian Engagement Rings

If you’ve ever spent any time looking at modern engagement rings, you know that 99% of the stuff out there is well, in a word, hideous. Which is why I once had a bad dream about a very tall engagement ring with moving parts (it was scary!).

Luckily NYC jeweler Leigh Jay Nacht scours the globe for vintage jewelry, focusing on art deco and Edwardian-era engagement rings. He offers both vintage replica and vintage originals, and can likely find a fit for any budget. Vintage replica rings come with and without center stones, depending on your desire.  Settings can often accommodate a slightly larger or smaller stone and you can also provide your own. Vintage rings are usually only available in the state Leigh acquired them in, as Leigh doesn’t want to break up an original piece.

Of course we all love our boyfriends/fiances/husbands and the jewels are not the critical aspect of the whole deciding-to-get-married-thing! LOVE is what’s important, obvi. However it didn’t stop me from being pretty excited about the prospect of having something sparkly on my ring finger. Behold: beautiful jewels!

Art Deco Engagement Rings from Leigh Jay Nacht at

1. Belle Epoque Ring, $7,850. 2. Art Deco Ring, $1,975. 3. Art Deco Cushion Cut Ring, $21,750. 4. Art Deco Gold Ring, $5,750. 5. Art Deco Band Ring, $10,750. 6. Art Deco Asscher Cut Ring, $10,350.

There is something that is so pretty and delicate about each of these rings! They all display artistry and attention to detail in every single element of the ring, with the setting and band offering as much to look at as the stone’s sweet-ass sparkles. Compare this to many modern rings in which the stone is stacked on a tall setting that is just sort of plopped onto a plain band.

No lady wants to admit this, but I spent so many hours online looking for styles of rings that I felt were truly beautiful. Leigh’s shop was literally the only place where I found rings that were intriguing and memorable. Dan and I got our wedding bands there and it was a great experience. Leigh Jay Nacht’s jewelry store is a gem among gems(!).