Dylan Dog, Foxy/Fictional Paranormal Detective

In Italy it’s pretty common to see graphic novels and comic books at the news stands. Everybody reads them, and spending time there as a child I was no exception. My absolute favorite comic book was (and is!) the Dylan Dog series, which follow the adventures of Dylan Dog, a broody, witty investigator of supernatural things. Also, ladies man. I’ll admit I had a crush on those illustrated cheekbones as an impressionable girl – I mean look at them!

I have a smallish collection of the comics, both in Italian and English (a few were translated and released here by Dark Horse as an omnibus a few years ago.  Despite this release, it’s still pretty unknown here. But with a new movie coming out, that might change.

The closest thing that has come to an American adaptation was the 1994 movie Cemetery Man, starring Rupert Everett (before all that whack plastic surgery!), which was based on a book by Tiziano Sclavi, the creator of Dylan Dog. Rupert, also, is totally the physical muse for DD (note, the cheekbones), so was basically perfectly cast. Which is not what I can say about the new pick for Dylan: Brandon Routh??

FIRST OF ALL. I didn’t know he was in movies other than Superman. Second, his face is too… soft. I guess he is a handsome dude, but in my opinion lacks the rough edges that make Dylan interesting. Also, this movie doesn’t look all that great. That being said, I will probably see it.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night comes out April 29, 2011. If you don’t have anything better to do.