Fabricly: A Boutique in an Internet Full of Malls

Last weekend local NYC designer and PA fave Caycee Black told me about a new online boutique that will hopefully carry her eponymous line in the future. Fabricly (also NYC-based) focuses on providing emerging designers with a new way to reach customers, and also providing us internet shoppers with better access to hard to find designers. Their model is a bit of Threadless and a bit of Groupon: designers submit designs and they are produced once a tipping point is reached that makes sense for all involved (designer, buyer, and fabricly).

fabricly.com homepage

Fabricly's Website Featuring Designer Mono Lake

It’s a pretty interesting business model that will definitely provide emerging designers with access to a broader audience. Below are a few items from a recent collection from Ostwald Helgason, combining the lovey and ubiquitous bold stripe with dainty spring-y prints and shapes. Love.

Looks from Ostwald Helgason's Recent Fabricly Collection

Looks from Ostwald Helgason's Recent Fabricly Collection

In case you are curious about the business model and inspiration for the site, Fabricly explains it thusly:

We scour the earth to bring you the best of the as-yet undiscovered: foreign lines with limited US exposure, talented designers without the means to get to the next level, back-street secrets and next season’s stunners. Online shopping is a lot of things. Easy. Convenient. Reliable. But doesn’t the internet sometimes feel like one giant street with a ton of stores that carry a slight variety of the exact same brands, all right next door to each other? Like strolling through a mall of sameness, It’s hard to find something unique, something special. Until now. Fabricly is here to hand-pick talented emerging designers and incredible existing lines, provide them with everything they need to execute a collection from start to finish, and then feature them in a tightly-curated collection of entirely exclusive goods for you to pick and shop from.

I can’t wait to see more!