Alfajores! Aroma Espresso Bar’s Dirty Secret

Every day at around 3pm, I get a craving for either cake or cookies. Usually, I just power through and have some tea instead, but every once in a while I succumb to the urge. It’s hard to find a place that’ll sell you a little bite of something that’s not too sweet or not too enormous. Sick of pancake-sized cookies, I went into Aroma Espresso Bar on Houston St. in SoHo to see if I could find that elusive one-bite treat.Aroma Espresso Bar AlfajorTo my utter delight, I discovered that Aroma sells alfajores, my favorite Argentinean sweet. These are not at all like the famous Havanna alfajores, which are cloyingly sweet and covered in chocolate or meringue. They are the artisanal kind, two soft, vanilla-scented cookies glued together with sticky, creamy dulce de leche, rimmed with a touch of coconut flakes, and dusted with powdered sugar. Every time I go, I swear I’ll share half with my co-worker, and end up eating the whole thing by the time I make it down the block. They’re utterly irresistible, and the ideal way to curb your afternoon sweet tooth.

Aroma Espresso Bar has three locations in Manhattan: 161 W 72nd, 205 E 42nd, and 145 Greene St (entrance on Houston). You can see their full menu on their website.