Scouting New York

I am slightly obsessed with the secrets of this city. There are both hidden and obvious treasures at every turn, and I want to know about all of them. If I’m not careful I’ll end up being one of those crazy people who have walked every block in Manhattan or try to ride the entire NYC subway system in under 24 hours. Or maybe I’ll take the test to become a licensed NYC tour guide with PA Jessie’s husband (he’s definitely further along in his studying than I am)!

But really, the point I’m trying to make is that I want Nick Carr’s job as a location scout for movies filming in and around the city. His blog Scouting New York is one of the cooler resources I’ve come across for exploring the city. Did you know that there is a beautiful turn of the century building on Beekman Street downtown with a nine-story atrium that has been unoccupied for the last 65 years?

The Atrium at 5 Beekman Street (credit: Nick Carr of ScoutingNY via flickr)

Crumbling Romance at 5 Beekman Street (credit: Nick Carr of ScoutingNY via flickr)

Or that there are several adorable little 10-12 foot-wide brownstones scattered throughout the city?

12.5-foot Brownstone on West 58th Street (credit: Nick Carr of Scouting New York)

West 58th Street Brownstone Cutie (credit: Nick Carr of Scouting New York)

Check out ScoutingNY for more posts on Chinatown’s last arcade, the creepy and amazing owls of Herald Square, and lots of posts on old hospitals and asylums. Secrets of the city: revealed!